Writing Seed: Magic Butterfly

A strange butterfly gives magic to everything it touches.


Taking a Day Off

Some of you, many of you probably, are the sort that simply must write every day, even if only a little bit.  That’s great.  It keeps you sharp and hopefully keeps the words flowing.

However, everyone needs a day off, even from writing.  If you have no problem writing every day it may seem strange to take a day off every week.  But if you do, it helps to relieve the pressure of needing to produce every day.  You’re giving yourself permission to take a day to rest and relax and not worry about the writing.  It also can refresh your mind and your imagination, perhaps even more than you might think it would.

So give it a try.  Pick one day a week to take a day off from your writing, and see what it does for you.

First Draft by Hand

There’s something magical about writing a first draft by hand.  Personally, I love the tactile sensation of putting pen to page, and writing the first draft by hand allows me to focus more on the color when I get to the typing.

Of course, that means I also have to step away from the computer.